Monday, December 26, 2005


This list was initially supposed to be Top 5's (vocals, instrumentals & mixtapes) - dont ask me what happened, and i know for a fact theres loads more i've left out...


2NV Ft Da Cream - Movin Remix (2NV)
Amy King - In Your Dreams (Dub)
Amy King - You (Dub)
Bashy - Never See Me Fall (2NV)
Bashy & Katie Pearl - Pryin (2NV)
Bearman - Drinkin Bear (White)
Bluzey - Love For The Dough (Dub)
Bruize Boy & Havok - Freestyle (Dub)
B-Live - Merkers (Dub)
Chaos souljahs & Jai Box - Change (Dub)
Chase & Status Ft Roll Deep - Top Shotta (Breakbeat Kaos)
Chunky Bizzle - I thought About You (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Wot If We Were (Dub)
Devlin - Ghetto Kyote Freestyle (Dub)
Devlin & Gravity - Remain (Dub)
Doctor - Jealousy & Hate (GPP)
Doctor, Jendor & Remerdee - Bring It (White)
Doctor & Riko - Come On (D Power)
Dogzilla - Busker (Dub)
Dogzilla - Memories (Dub)
Dogzilla - Story Teller (Dub)
Dogzilla, Devlin & Digga - Jealous (Dub)
Essentials - State Your Name (Paperchase)
Faction G Ft Shyam - Its Over (Committee)
Flirta D - Noises (Dub)
G Double E - Harmony (Dub)
Geeneus Ft No Lay - My Property (Dub)
Geeneus Ft Syer - Listen & Learn (Dub)
Ghetto & Devlin - Cold Outside (Dub)
Grimesville - Hands In The Air (Dub)
Hector (Regal Players) - Me, Myself & I (Frog)
Ivan O - Say What I Like (Dub)
Jai Box - Dont You Think (Dub)
Jai Box - Hoods Up Freestyle (Dub)
Jammer - Murcul Man (Jah Mek)
Jiggalo - Whats The Deal (White)
JME - Dont Chat (Check It)
Kano - Nobody Dont Dance No More (679)
Lilly (LMS) - Hit Dirt (Dub)
Lilly & Jaygo (LMS) - Freestyle (Dub)
Macca & Shadow (Chaos Souljahs) - Lets Stay Together (Dub)
Macca (Chaos Souljahs) & Jai Box - Girl I Want (Dub)
Merkston - Summertime (Dub)
Merkston & Stamina Boy - Sup Sup Sup (Dub)
N.A.S.T.Y - Gang Banger (White)
N.A.S.T.Y - Run For Cover (White)
Plasticman Ft Shizzle, Fresh & Napper - Cha Vocal (Terrorhythm)
Purple - Help Me, Help You (Dub)
Regal Players Ft Others - Rude Boy Remix (Frog)
Shadow (Chaos Souljahs) - Wow (Dub)
Shizzle - I Will Be There (Dub)
Slaya - Stigma (Dub)
SLK - Vibes (Dub)
Snipe Keedo - concerto Freestyle (Dub)
Soldier Kid - Never Dat (Dub)
Swiftee Ft Faction G - Bitter Sweet (Dub)
Swiftee Ft Jai Box - Leave With You (Dub)
Swiftee Ft The Brothers Grim - More Than Music (Dub)
Syer - Pussy (White)
The Alliance - Stop (White)
Wiley - Crazy Freestyle (Dub)
Wiley - WD25 Freestyle (True Tiger)
Wiley & Merkston - As Soon As I Get Home (Dub)
Wiley Ft. Others - Sidewinder (White)


Black Jack - Arcade (Dub)
Bossman - Bongo Eyes VIP (White)
Charmzy - Banger (Black Ops)
Charmzy - Winter (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Diss Me Like Dat (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Gunga Peas (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Hotcake (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Marshall Law (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Topper (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Tweety Pie (Dub)
Davinche - Dirty Canvas 3 (Paperchase)
Davinche - Jam Hot Remix (Dub)
Dcoy - Barbarian (Dub)
Dr. Venom - Topsy Terror (Dub)
Dreama - 4 Sight (Dub)
Finesse - Magpie (Dub)
Finesse - Nina (Dub)
Frett - Runnin (DVS)
Geeneus - Widgets (Dub)
Gomez - Grime (Dub)
Jiggalo - Grime (Dub)
Jiggalo - Lioness (Dub)
JME - Baraka (Check It)
Jon E Cash - Hoods Up (Black Ops)
J-Sweet - Kerb (White)
J-Sweet - Marxman (White)
Karnak - Strings (Dub)
King Of The Streets - Slam Dunk (Dub)
Plasticman - Cha (Mark One Remix) (Dub)
R Biz - Snappy (Committee)
Scratchy - Shangooli (Dumpvalve)
Shots - Sarga House (Dub)
Skream - Request Line (Tempa)
Slash - Concerto (ARMY)
Slash - Firearm (Dub)
Spooky - Joy Ride Riddim (Slew Dem)
Swiftee - 8th Dimension (Dub)
Swiftee - In The Shadows EP (Cutting Edge)
Wafa - Gunman Riddim (Slew Dem Productions)
Waitz - Payback (Dub)
Waitz - Statik Pulse (Dub)
Wizzbit - Nicoles Groove Remix (White)
Y Dot - Y Dot EP (White)


Doctor - Before surgery (GPP)
This may aswell be classed as an album, 16 Full vocal tracks for less than £10 - even if you're broke you've got no excuse not to own this.
Tunes to check: Play Around, Government & Politics, Never Wanna Say, Bring It, Wicked & Bad & Talk Bout Me.

Faction G - Facts Not Fiction (Committee)
Tunes to check: WMDs, Purple City Freestyle, Kaotic Faction & 1 Step Ahead.

Ghetto - 2000 & Life
The overall mixdown is pretty poor but once you get past the whole, "I swear I got bumped with a sheg copy" stage (thanks to Logan for setting me straight), the only way to describe it is FU*KED! You can read the reviews (in the loosest sense of the word) here & here
Tracks to check: Skinny Sort, East Meets South, Sycamore Freestyle, Merked & If Only.

Kano - Beats & Bars (679 Records)
This is my tool for getting people into Grime who think its shit and say our MCs have no content - egg on your face! That aside its a sick mixtape and I prefer it to Home Sweet Home.
Tracks to check: Watcher, Im Back, 48 Bars (<-this is the shit), Take A Look & Jamrock

Run The Road 2 (679 Records)

This has to be the most underrated album of 2005. Big up the crew at 679 for getting these compliations into the mainstream.
Tracks to check: World Is Crazy, Run The Roads, Nah Nah, Saw It Comin & Gotta Man.

Shy FX & T Power - The Diary Of A Digital Soundboy (Digital Soundboy)
Not Grime obviously, but fucking amazing and out now! The first album ive bought in a few months where every track is heavy.
Tracks to check: On The Run, Everyday, Sheets & Dont Rush.

Statik - Connected (Allstar Records)
Finally someone threw out the bullshit chat of "im puttin my album out on my own", and then holding on to it tightly in the hope of signing away their life to a major and actually did! Connected gets respect from me on all levels; firstly for being a great album and illustrating what can happen if talented people with the same goals actually get together and work postively to achieve something, and secondly for the simple fact that the album and Statik's work ethic (I hope), has shown people they actually can release material off their own backs and do well. Im praying alot more people follow suit in 2006.
Available on CD and Vinyl over here
Tracks to check: I Just Wanna F*ck You, Never Guess, The Set (Allstar Vocal), Groupie & Central Line.

True Tiger - Eye Of The Tiger Volume 1 (True Tiger)
Tracks to check: Fire, WD25 freestyles, Blowin Up, Go On Then & Flying.


  • Ghetto & Devlin - Cold Outside (Dub)

    i'd like to hear that.

    By Blogger PRANCEHALL, at 1:12 PM  

  • Shy FX's album is big.

    By Blogger Logan Sama, at 8:52 PM  

  • Are you the Lioness? Of Extra Slu fame? Ha. Anyway, yeah, Beats + Bars was better in places than Home Sweet Home. Nothing Long is a tune and a half.

    By Anonymous unlixes, at 11:01 PM  

  • Devlin n griminal are da sickest mc,s in da uk check out harmzway mafia on soundclick safe

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:58 PM  

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