Sunday, March 05, 2006

TRACKLIST - 04/03/06

Ruff Sqwad & Roll Deep - Its Nuffin
DaVinChe - Phaze
Devlin - Ghetto Kyote Freestyle
Shotz Feat. Devlin - Freestyle
Shotz - Crossfire VIP
Stormar - Trim Beat Freestyle
Stormar - So Amazing Freestyle
DaVinChe & Sadie - Let Me Take You Away
Footsie - Scars Remix
DVA Feat. Amy King, Stormin & Sharky Major - In Your Dreams
Dreama - Strangers Remix
Wonder Feat. Nio - Best Foot Forward
Jiggalo Feat. Louie Lou - Leaving You
Spyro Feat. El Rae - Alright
Spyro Feat. Nasty - This Song
Ny - Embrace
Big E D - Q Bass
Bobzee Feat. South Agents - Ah Lie
Ruff Sqwad - Old Skool
DaVinChe - Run The Road (Instrumental)
Wiley - Eski Boy
Skreamz - Key Dub
Y Dot - Beatbox
High Grade Clan - Step 2 Us (Special)
Mercston - Whos Mercs?
SKITZ Feat. Brazen - Dont Roll On Him
G Double E & Purple - Beats & Rhymes
Newham Generals - We Are Generals
Ruff Sqwad - Cukoo (Instrumental)
Blackjack - Arcade
Z.O - Windows (Special)
Zero (South Agents) - Nu Step
Bluzey (LMS) - Freestyle
Tormar (Chaos Soldiers) & K9 (Macarbre Unit) - Let My Words
Lyrically Scar'd - Fallin'
Danielle Senior - Next To You


  • Lioness luv ur show, lovin the new tunes, i didnt hear all the tunes. can you please make ur show on 4/3 downloadables. i loved the last two tunessssssss!!!!!
    Amy xxxx

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:11 PM  

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