Sunday, January 29, 2006


Unless you already read the one I posted on RWD, The Plastician (aka Plasticman) joins Radio One;

TRACKLIST - 28/01/06

JME - 96 Bars Of Revenge [Boy Better Know]
R Biz - Snappy [Committee]
Slicks & Shifty - Oldskool [Ruff Sqwad]
Faction G & Triple Threat - Swear Down [Committee]
Triple Threat - Triple Threat [Aftershock]
Fire Camp - Forward 2 (instrumental) [White]
Blackjack - Arcade [On Another Level]
Brothers Grim - More Than Music [Dub]
Flirta D - In The Club [So Low Key]
Dogzilla - Story Teller [OT]
Stormar - Me, Myself, My Life [Dub]
Knuckles - Lewi Times Freestyle [Dub]
Monkey - Lewi Times Freestyle [Dub]
Skary - Lewi Times Freestyle [Dub]
Big Mighty - Rocker Freestyle [So Low Key]
Kano Feat. Klashneckoff - Sometimes Remix [679]
L Man - They Dont Wanna War [Dub]
Newham Generals - We Are Generals [Dub]
Hyper Fenn, Marcie Phonix & Skepta - Best Friends [Dub]
Ne-Yo Feat. Doctor - So Sick Remix [Def Jam]
Essentials & Neckle Camp - Untitled [Dub]
DCoy - Roadrunner [Dub]
DaVinChe - Sometimes [Paperchase]
Dogzilla, Kozy & Devlin - Untitled [OT]
Stormin - Dojo Freestyle [Dub]
Stormin - Bareface Freestyle [Dub]
Brazen - Roll On Him [Dub]
Ghetto - Skinny Sort [2000 & Life Mixtape]
Alpha - Im A Champion [Dub]
Devlin - Untitled [OT]
Jammer - Shangooly (Lewi White Remix) [Dub]
77 Klash & Jah Dan - Brooklyn [Dub]
Mr.Slash - Breddin Like [A.R.M.Y]
Bearman & Bruza - Keep It Bangin [Mastermind]
Stormar - Trim Beat Freestyle [Dub]
P Money - My Soldiers [Dub]
Hector (Regal Players) - Me, Myself & I [Frog]
Tormar - Voodoo People [Dub]
Narstie, L Man & Jammer - Triumph [Dub]
Scandalous Unlimited - My Life VIP (instrumental) [True Tiger]

Friday, January 27, 2006


On tomorrows show from 3pm, i'll be playing new music from Newham Generals, Chaos Soldiers, Lewi White, OT Crew, L Man, Hypa Fenn n Marcie Phonix, Scandalous Unlimited and whatever else I can fit in.
100.3FM on your stereo and via the live stream here.

Studio Number - 07784 768 465

I was unable to do last weeks show so heres something for those of you who emailed me to download.

Download Here

Bearman & Bruza - Keep It Bangin
Bruza - Just Doin Me
Stormar - Me, Myself, My Life
Devlin - Ghetto Kyote Freestyle
Devlin - Untitled
JME - 96 Bars Of Revenge
Skepta - Go On Den
Snipe Keedo - Concerto Freestyle
Snipe Keedo - My Lifestyle
Crazy Titch & Katie Pearl - World So Crazy
Doctor - Gotta Man
Ruff Sqwad - Oldskool
Flirta D - In The Club
Shizzle, Fresh & Napper - Toppa Di Tip
Stormar - Trim Beat Freestyle
Purple - Blowin Up
Dogenham Alliance - Untitled

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Was sent this via email; Scandanavian documentary on Grime with Titch, Geeneus, Jammer and others. - Windows Media Player link - Real Player link

Saturday, January 14, 2006

TRACKLIST - 14/01/06


Ghetto & Katie Pearl - Run The Road [679]
Snipe Keedo - Lifestyle [Dub]
Triple Threat - Triple Threat [Aftershock]
P Money - Banging Bars [Dub]
Bruza - Doin Me [Aftershock]
DaVinChe - Megadrive [Paperchase]
Wafa Feat. Wiley - Gunman Riddim [Slew Dem]
Fire Camp - Forward 2 [White]
Plasticman Feat. Shizzle, Fresh & Napper - Toppa Di Tip [Terrorhythm]
Mr.Slash Feat. Syer B - Boy With The Fire [A.R.M.Y]
Waitz - Waitin [Tenacious]
Crazy Titch & Katie Pearl - World So Crazy [679]
DJ Spyro - Pull Up Dat Remix [Dub]
Garna Feat. Jammer - Swordstyle Freestyle [Dub]
Mr.Slash Feat. Faction G - Neck Of Woods [A.R.M.Y]
DVA Feat. Stormin - Freestyle [Dub]
Waitz - Payback [Tenacious]
Mr.Wong & Charley - I Just Wish [Dub]
Mark One Feat. SLK - Ready To Learn [Dub]
Virus Syndicate - Ready To Learn [Dub]
Bashy - Never See Me Fall [2NV]
R Biz - Snappy [Committee]
Scratchy - Shangooli [Dumpvalve]
Charmzy - Winter [Dub]
Mr.Slash - Concerto [A.R.M.Y]
Doctor - Gotta Man [GPP]
Jai Box - Hoods Up Freestyle [Dub]
Y Dot - Bazooka [White]
Slew Dem Feat. Neckle Camp - Joyride [Slew Dem]
LMS - Simple [Dub]
T Star - Genocide [Committee]
Hector & L Man - Part Time Friends [Frog]
Bluzey (LMS) - Love For The Dough [Dub]
Dogzilla - Memories [OT]
Kano - Signs In Life [679]
Kano - Brown Eyes [679]
Merkston & Stamina Boy - Sup Sup Sup [Dub]
Ryder & Fresh - We Told You [Dub]
Essentials & OT Crew - Bush [Dub]

Friday, January 13, 2006


Tomorrow from 3pm. 100.3FM on your stereo and via the live stream here.

07784 768 465 - I know you love spendin those 10p's (",)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I do hate all the separation bollocks, but sod fighting a losing battle. I was sent this in a email,

Use it if you think I amongst any other female you know deserves to be there, if you call me nandi dont speak to me ever again. It's 06 KEEP UP & read things carefully.

Lioness (",)


Here's the nominations for the best British Urban Act at this years Brit awards - it's elating to see Dizzee and Kano up, I hope theres a couple more next year. I cant be arsed with the rest of the nominations though so go search, even though Kaiser Cheifs are heavy (I will NEVER say this out loud).

British Urban Act
Winner chosen by MTV:Base viewers
Craig David Warner Brothers / Warner Music
Dizzee Rascal XL Recordings / Beggars Group
Kano 679 Recordings / Warner Music
Lemar Sony Music / Sony BMG Music
Ms Dynamite Polydor / Universal Music

Saturday, January 07, 2006

TRACKLIST - 07/01/06

Stream wasn't working for some reason and I have no audio but heres the tracklist all the same;

Mr.Slash Feat. Syer - Boy With The Fire [ARMY]
Mr.Slash Feat. Snipe Keedo - Concerto Freestyle [Dub]
Mr.Slash - Firearm [ARMY]
Mr.Slash Feat. Faction G - Neck Of The Woods [ARMY]
Faction G Feat. Triple Threat, Royal & B Live - I Swear Down [Committee]
Faction G Feat. Shyam - Its Over [Committee]
Bruza - Doin Me [Aftershock]
Sypro - Pull Up Dat Remix [Dub]
Snipe Keedo - Lifestyle [Dub]
Devlin - Freestyle [Dub]
Jiggalo - Wot The Deal [White]
R-Biz - Snappy [Committee]
Bobzee - Drinkin Bear Remix [White]
P Money - Banging Bars [Dub]
Wiley - WD25 [True Tiger]
Dcoy - Barbarian [Dub]
JME - Meridian Walk [Aftershock]
DVA Feat. Amy King - In Your Dreams [Dub]
Sadie & Kano - So Sure (Target Remix) [Dub]
Carly Bond - MY Life [True Tiger]
Bashy & Katie Pearl - Pryin [2NV]
Swiftee - Motown Dreams [Cuttin Edge]
Swiftee feat. Faction G - Bitter Sweet [Dub]
Bruza, Krucial & Triple Threat - So real [Aftershock]
Chunky Bizzle - Tweety Pie [Dub]
Swiftee - 3am [Dub]
Jai & Macca T - Looking For Love [Dub]
Dreama - We Ride [Dub]
Delerious - If You Had A Boy [Dub]
Kele Le Roc - Slow [V2]
DVA Feat. Amy King - You [Dub]
Swiftee - 8th Dimension [Dub]
DaVinChe - Megadrive [Paperchase]
Jiggalo - Funkville (Special) [Dub]
Chase & Status Feat. Roll deep - Top Shotta [Breakbeat Kaos]
Dreama - Im Near [Dub]
Triple Threat - Triple Threat [Aftershock]
Fire Camp - Forward 2 [White]
Garna Feat. Jammer - Swordstyle Freestyle [Dub]
Macabre Unit - Crusher [Bline]
Kano - Nobody Dont Dance No More [679]
Ghetto - Skinny Sort [2000 & Life Mixtape]
Scratchy - Shangooly [Dumpvalve]
Charmzy - Winter [Dub]
Jiggalo - Grime [Dub]
Ghetto & Devlin - Cold Outside [Dub]
Wiley - Crazy Freestyle [Dub]

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


This Saturday will be my first show of the year. Never listened before? Maybe its about time you started.
100.3fm on your radio or online.