Saturday, January 07, 2006

TRACKLIST - 07/01/06

Stream wasn't working for some reason and I have no audio but heres the tracklist all the same;

Mr.Slash Feat. Syer - Boy With The Fire [ARMY]
Mr.Slash Feat. Snipe Keedo - Concerto Freestyle [Dub]
Mr.Slash - Firearm [ARMY]
Mr.Slash Feat. Faction G - Neck Of The Woods [ARMY]
Faction G Feat. Triple Threat, Royal & B Live - I Swear Down [Committee]
Faction G Feat. Shyam - Its Over [Committee]
Bruza - Doin Me [Aftershock]
Sypro - Pull Up Dat Remix [Dub]
Snipe Keedo - Lifestyle [Dub]
Devlin - Freestyle [Dub]
Jiggalo - Wot The Deal [White]
R-Biz - Snappy [Committee]
Bobzee - Drinkin Bear Remix [White]
P Money - Banging Bars [Dub]
Wiley - WD25 [True Tiger]
Dcoy - Barbarian [Dub]
JME - Meridian Walk [Aftershock]
DVA Feat. Amy King - In Your Dreams [Dub]
Sadie & Kano - So Sure (Target Remix) [Dub]
Carly Bond - MY Life [True Tiger]
Bashy & Katie Pearl - Pryin [2NV]
Swiftee - Motown Dreams [Cuttin Edge]
Swiftee feat. Faction G - Bitter Sweet [Dub]
Bruza, Krucial & Triple Threat - So real [Aftershock]
Chunky Bizzle - Tweety Pie [Dub]
Swiftee - 3am [Dub]
Jai & Macca T - Looking For Love [Dub]
Dreama - We Ride [Dub]
Delerious - If You Had A Boy [Dub]
Kele Le Roc - Slow [V2]
DVA Feat. Amy King - You [Dub]
Swiftee - 8th Dimension [Dub]
DaVinChe - Megadrive [Paperchase]
Jiggalo - Funkville (Special) [Dub]
Chase & Status Feat. Roll deep - Top Shotta [Breakbeat Kaos]
Dreama - Im Near [Dub]
Triple Threat - Triple Threat [Aftershock]
Fire Camp - Forward 2 [White]
Garna Feat. Jammer - Swordstyle Freestyle [Dub]
Macabre Unit - Crusher [Bline]
Kano - Nobody Dont Dance No More [679]
Ghetto - Skinny Sort [2000 & Life Mixtape]
Scratchy - Shangooly [Dumpvalve]
Charmzy - Winter [Dub]
Jiggalo - Grime [Dub]
Ghetto & Devlin - Cold Outside [Dub]
Wiley - Crazy Freestyle [Dub]


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