Sunday, March 26, 2006

TRACKLIST - 26/03/06

Covershow from earlier today, I didnt feel the need to talk!! Apologies if you notice the parts where the amp cut out.

Download audio here

Jiggalo - Lioness The Greatest
Marcie Phonix - If Its Meant To Be
Sadie Ama - Take Me Away
Purple & Ny - No Need To Smile
Renegade Boys - Big Steps
South Agents - Ah Lie
Jon E Cash - Do It
Ghetto - Back In A Big Way
J Mixer - This Is How We Do It Remix
DCoy - Roadrunner
Blay-Z - Barbarian Freestyle
JME - 96 Bars of Revenge
Lewi White - Shangooli Remix
Spyro - 60 Pence
Silkie - Jason
Andy Havok - Untitled
Dubversive - Lioness Dub
Quest - Mirage
Quest - Hard Food
Mark One - Brimble
DCoy - Barbarian VIP
Y Dot - Beatbox
Ne-Yo - So Sick
Nio - So Shit
Ms Dynamite, Wariko & Selah - Gotta Make It Through
NASTY & Ms Dynamite - Dangerous
Flirta D - Step In The Club
Waitz - Payback
Silkie - Water
Swiftee - 8th Dimension
Delerious - Baretta
Stormar - Me, Myself, My Life
Swiftee - Dojo
Stormin - Dojo Freestyle
Scorcher - Not No Talker
Spyro - Total Monster
Silkie - Ex Girlfriend
Scandalous Unlimited - My Life VIP
Jiggalo Feat Louie Lou - Leaving You
Stormar - So Amazing Freestyle
Mackie - Pengology
Devlin - Freestyle
Devlin - Do One
Wretch 32 - Yeah
snipe Keedo - Crunk Freestyle
Narstie & Solo - Spun A Web
The Streets Feat Doctor & Bearman - When You Wasnt Famous


  • "I didnt feel the need to talk"

    You have a very pleasent and smooth voice, I don't mind u chattin :)

    By Anonymous Skrewface, at 12:52 AM  

  • easy B, wats the fast pass about, it wount let me download this stuff without payin, i know how that sounds but its not that.


    By Blogger what is FIP?, at 10:40 AM  

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