Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ok, I know some overly excited fan(atic) will email me complaining - it's seems you can't have an opinion (unless it's convenient for others), if you're a deeshay. But "FUCK IT!", I'm a fan of music and I just have to get it off my chest for the love of my blog (",)

So anyway, I've got both Lily Allen mixtapes, heard the MySpace tracks and all that shindig (even live can I add) and I don't understand what everyone on forums, blogs and websites are hearing? I mean seriously, if you have tracks I'm missing then please, bring me in. She's a good song writer and I can listen to what she's saying without falling asleep but 'beautiful voice', 'heavy singer' and whatever else you're all saying is erm... what do people in grime say? A hype ting! Her voice isn't amazing, unless you're a kebab eating drunk who doesn't mind people performing to you while smoking down the local Red Arms. Amy Winehouse part two, except I think Amy is wicked! Anyone know what she's doing by the way? *draws for the album*
But yeah, if you want to toss yourselves off over someone's forthcoming album then make it Mutya (ex-Sugababes), I heard a couple tracks by her and she can siiiing! And I was NEVER a girl band fan unless you count Total, Changing Faces, TLC and the like.

Anyway for all you fans here's the nice part, because you should never knock a hustle. Lily Allen's 'Smile' (which I admittedly find catchy albiet poorly sung) is available to buy from iTunes and you can pre-order 'Alright Still' from Amazon music.

N.B This post was inspired by MC Wackie aka Wacks (Rinse FM).


  • I'm addicted to Lily Allen music! I love her music, my favourite is Little Things!!Have u listened to her that song, Littlest Things! It's really very good, isn't it?

    By Blogger Erkin, at 10:03 PM  

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